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Master of Termite Management 201 March 7-9, 2018

03/07/2018 to 03/18/2018

Must have completed Foundations in order to advance. This course is only offered once a year. A special WDO State Examination is offered after the Masters course, if interested and qualified. Check PMU schedule for date.

  • Review termite identification, biology and control and learn about wood-destroying beetles and wood-decaying fungi. 

Learn how:

    1. To do a proper borate application
    2. Baits work
    3. To use foam and application techniques to optimize the distribution of liquid termiticides in soil with the Bayer University toys
  • Hear about the top 10 reasons that certified operators get in trouble and how to avoid them from Mark Ruff, industry attorney.
  • Do an inspection for WDOs at PMU’s house designed to challenge even experienced inspectors.
  • Practice a licensee inspection with a DACS inspector and learn about the duties of a certified operator.