Training from Pest Management University at the University of Florida meets Florida Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education Requirements.

Pest Management University - Termite Training

Georgia CEUs are available for all termite training courses!

Pest Management University, is pleased to announce the following four classes for termites and another for WDOs:

  • Basics of Termite Management
  • Foundations of Termite Management
  • Master of Termite Management
  • Expert in Termite Management
  • WDO Inspections and Form 13645

CEUs and technicians hours offered are variable based on course. Classes will be taught by UF/IFAS, DAS, and leaders in the pest management industry who understand that increased professionalism and skill lead to increased profits and reduced customer conflict.

Each class will begin at 8:00 AM. Please see the FAQ page for more information including dress code and smoking policy. A map, directions and hotel information is located here.

03/07/2018 to 03/18/2018
Must have completed Foundations in order to advance. This course is only offered once a year. A special WDO State Examination is offered after the Masters... more
04/04/2018 to 04/06/2018
Learn how termites exploit over 50 building construction elements and how to treat them in a hands-on environment in 2-days instead of 2 years. Practice... more
10/04/2018 to 10/05/2018
Improperly completed 13645 forms are a leading cause of litigation for pest control. Foundations recommended, but not required. Do an inspection at PMUs... more