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The pest control industry in Florida protects the public health and property from pests. In Florida, there is a recognized need for pest control services that impacts where you live and work, the quality of the air you breathe, and the food you eat. Career opportunities can be found in state and local government as well as private industry. The pest control industry protects human health, homes and property, tourism and the hospitality/entertainment industry, recreation industry, agriculture, food and fiber from warehouse to retail.

  • Over one million Pesticide applicators are currently certified nationwide, including over 900,000 private applicators and about 350,000 commercial applicators.
  • Approximately 80,000 private and 65,000 commercial applicators are certified annually.
  • Approximately 130,000 private and 120,000 commercial applicators are recertified annually.

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Training Director – Hometown Pest Control

  • To train all employees in basic and advanced technical skills, both in the field and classroom.
  • Ensure all new employees receive an initial on-board training that coincides with their position and background.
  • Develop and implement ongoing training programs both in the field and classroom.
  • Perform field evaluations on employees with a plan for improvement.
  • Maintain and develop training materials that are relevant to the current learning styles.
  • Coordinate and support specialized field trainers in the performance of the initial and advanced field programs.
  • Ensure all company, regulatory, and training documentation records are up to date and available for validation.
  • Assist the sales department in the development and implementation of presentations, proposals, and marketing.
  • Work with and advise the executive/management team on the latest technical advances in pest management in order to keep Hometown a frontrunner in the industry.
  • Assist with special customer projects and resolving pest issues.
  • Assist in developing new services for customer needs.
  • To attend seminars & meetings to keep abreast of the latest developments in technical sciences related to Hometown’s operation.
  • Work with Operations and Team Leaders to ensure that services provided to Hometown customers are of the required quality.
  • Assist the Service Managers in identifying service areas needing improvement

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Experienced Spray Technicians – Island Environmental Pest Control

  • Complete required route sheets, reports, invoices and vehicle inspection forms.
  • Able to read labels of products used and be able to calculate amounts of product to apply and how to mix them properly in preparation for use and mix and apply pesticides as needed.
  • Help load and unload equipment, chemicals and fertilizers from /to trucks and storage areas.
  • Maintain vehicle and equipment: cleanliness, safety, and general maintenance.
  • Well-groomed and professional appearance according with company standards and present at all times.
  • Communicate professionally with customers, landscapers and coworkers.

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For more information on career opportunities in pest control, please visit The Bureau of Labor Statistics at www.bls.gov.